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Two years after meeting at a pregame in college, Colin and Avinash set out to create a company that would be unapologetically sustainable. They entered a business plan competition with high hopes of winning the $25,000 grand prize to fund their plan. After a montage of late nights, writing things on a whiteboard, and buckets of coffee, they turned their masterpiece business plan. Well sure enough, these two didn’t even make it past the first round. Sucks to suck bros. Life is hard. Just get a 9-5 and move on. Oh wait, these two graduated and couldn’t even find a job. Now why is this part of Alda’s story? Because in spite of failure and an uncertain future, Colin and Avinash decided that their true mission is to drive the world toward a more sustainable future. So, they created ALDA, the first eco-friendly entertainment company that isn’t boring...


A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, its the only thing that ever has…
— Margaret Mead


Colin Campbell

Growing up in Gainesville FL I ran barefoot, climbed trees and built forts outta palm fronds (mostly for protection from the pinecones we’d have wars with). This ROOTED (see what I did there) my connection with nature and the outdoors. As I grew older, I saw how destructive mankind was to the places I used to run and play in. From polluted creeks and trash filled forests, it became my mission to help protect what I loved. So I hopped in my subaru, grabbed some camping gear and moved to Colorado to grow ALDA.



Avinash Bhikha

Ever seen the beginning of lion king? Well, I was born in South Africa and that's not how this goes. Anyway, grew up on the coast, and enjoyed the ocean while living in a house on the beach. Later on, I’d move to Florida, get older, still waiting on the wiser part, and meet some dude with some sick kicks that matched mine. Turns out we liked the same superheroes and outdoor activities. While I wasn’t super knowledgeable about sustainability at the time, I did have a passion for creating something that would help our planet.

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