what is alda?

We are a company dedicated to supporting sustainable lifestyles and environmental conservation through companies and nonprofits that provide high quality products and support effective environmental causes.

What products do you sell?

We sell sustainably produced products to promote our brand and mission as we build up this community. We have relationships with the founders and brands to also help you get exclusive discounts to companies who we have researched and give our stamp of approval.

How can i get my brand featured by alda?

Just send us an email! We want to spread your mission and build a community of do good brands. The more variety we can expose our community too the better, and the wider variety of causes our brands support the better. We support our environment and human dignity in everything we do and if your company does the same... let's connect!


What does alda mean?

It translates to "tree" in elvish from the Lord of The Rings. You will likely see Colin and Avinash's nerdiness influence different pieces of ALDA. It's all about being genuine and not putting on some overly professional front. That kills all the fun.

Do you charge sales tax?

We currently charge sales tax in Colorado where we are located. This is required by law.

how can i join your mission?

1. Apply to be an unpaid intern for us! We aim to provide a fun but valuable experience for students looking to work for a cause they love!

2. Subscribe, share, review and engage with the content we’re making! We want to hear from you and are making this FOR you so if you have any ideas or input, send it our way.

3. This is probably the most obvious but be a good boi to our environment. Support the brands we build relationships with and help them be successful!