Top 3 Sustainable Phone Cases

Apparently about 80% of people use protection… for their phones. I’m one of the 80%, guess I just don’t live my life on the edge like some people. THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS of plastic cases are used and discarded every year which is bad so you may want some alternatives. Companies are actually forced to throw away much of their old inventory when the iPhone 11 comes out for example. It’s just turrible, so here’s 3 options that will let you feel a little less shameful and embarrassed next time you buy protection.


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Featured Brands and Cases

The Pela Case Honey Bee Edition - $44.95

PRO TIP: Pela is constantly running promotions so keep your eye out for one. Hopefully we’ll have an ALDA exclusive discount for you soon! But this case is the first, completely biodegradable phone case on the market! I’ve used one for the past 4 years or so and only bought a new one when I upgraded my phone. They are a proud 1% For The Planet member and have limited edition cases such as this one that goes towards a specific effort! But I’ve dropped my phone plenty of times and have made it out with no crack or damage!

  • 100% biodegradable material made with flax shive

  • Ships with no plastic packaging

  • Screen protection guarantee if you use both a Pela case and their liquid screen protector

  • Sells iPhone cases as old as the iPhone 6

  • Sells Samsung Galaxy s7 and newer cases

  • Google Pixel 2 or newer

  • Huawei P20 Lite


Nimble Bottle Case 2 - $44.95

With Nimble, the color of case that you choose determines what organization they donate 5% of the price to. Right now they have cases for the Coral Reef Alliance as you see here, the Seabin Foundation, WILDCOAST, the Carbon Fund, and finally the Sea Save Foundation. Though their options are limited, I think Nimble is on the rise and will soon be a major competitor with Pela, and increase the models they offer.

  • Made from 100% recycled plastic bottles

  • Built-in Card & ID Holder

  • Durable Fabric Exterior

  • Currently sells cases for the iPhone X or newer


Reveal Rome Cork iPhone Case - $26.00

Reveal makes sustainable tech accessories utilizing recycled fabrics, bamboo, vegan leather and, as you see here, cork. Reveal also donates to plant one tree with American Forests which is a pretty dope organization. Check em out!

  • Soft touch cork exterior provides natural shock absorption

  • Comes in more substantial packaging (not a fan of the waste)

  • Only available for iPhone 5 or newer (sorry Android Users…)


Final Thoughts

Well, it sucks to suck android users, but the reality is there’s not a whole lot of options for you when it comes to sustainable cases. The good news is, Pela Case (our top recommendation by a mile) has you covered! And Nimble in second place is still pretty new in the phone case game and I’m pretty optimistic about their growth as a competitor in this market! I wish there were more “real” sustainable options out there but its still slim pickins folks! Hope you can find something that meets your needs above!

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