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For starters, I had a wonderful conversation with the founder of Slothgrip, Kyle, in an episode of the Protect Your Wild Podcast. Anyone with a passion for climbing should check them out! What I want to do with this review is break down how Slothgrip works, their strengths and where Slothgrip has room for improvement and growth. His heart is in the right place and he has started a path that will make a difference but let’s dive in to where they’re at now!


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What is SlothGrip?

Slothgrip merges the climbing world with some of the most lovable creatures on the planet! They have created some down right adorable (im a pretty masculine dood but damn it their designs are vury cute…) patches and pins that are each dedicated to a different cause! What’s pretty great too is all of the profit that they make from the patches goes to that specific project. In addition to these project specific patches, they has some basic graphic tees and tanks and a few other branded items along with it. They also sponsor sloths as a part of their climbing team (now that’s as real as it gets lol) and donate that way. As of 2018, 40% of their profits have gone to these initiatives.

The Projects


First off the sloth speedway badge provides donations to the Sloth Institute of Costa Rica for them to fix safe lines of rope that will allow sloths to to safely cross gaps in the canopy due to roads or deforestation. So the best part of this is that 100% of the profits from the sale of these badges and pins goes to the sloths! (fuck yeah Kevin) On top of that, Kevin is working with local climbing gyms and helping collect and deliver hundreds of feet of climbing rope to help them establish more speedways. Plus, they’re perfect to throw on your chalk bag and represent the SLOTHSSS.

Their second project that you can support is with their toucan/sloth badge the Toucan Rescue Ranch (I know it says toucan rescue but they fuck with sloths too) and the same goes for this venture. ALL profits are donated to the nonprofit. Their mission is to save and rehabilitate any Costa Rican Wildlife in need from toucans to otters! And lastly you can support the Gunung Palung Orangutan Conservation  with their sleek flex badge (which is my personal favorite design).


The Other Stuff

From what I can tell, there’s no indication that their branded products were made with sustainable materials unfortunately. Their tees and tanks are basically standard cotton, and their hats are a blend of wool, acrylic, and nylon. BUT they do get credit for their branded Chalk Brush which is made from 100% recycled plastic. So in terms of sustainability, this is where they have room to grow! To be clear I’m not bashing the quality of the product. I haven’t worn one of their shirts, but I always look at materials first when I shop!


They have just gotten in their first round of organic cotton shirts! I knew they were on the right track! Check them out here at this really long hyperlink!

All Things Considered

I genuinely like what Kevin is building here with Slothgrip. As time goes on, I’d imagine they won’t be able to sustain having 40% of their profits going to the sloths, BUT through other efforts (like donating rope from climbing gyms for sloth speedways) I’m confident they’ll stay true to their priorities (and true to the sloths) as they grow! I hope to see them put more of an emphasis on sustainability in their branded tees and products in their next round of prints, but I wouldn’t let that discourage you from supporting them! His heart’s in the right place and the sloths are in good hands!

Check them out on instagram @slothgrip and at

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