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When myself and Avinash started ALDA, we knew at some point we’d want to sell a shirt of our own. This sent me into a DEEP dive on apparel manufacturers, materials and comparing different printers. Do we get blank shirts and screen print them locally? OR do we do it all online and have em shipped in? Well what we found in Recover Brands made that choice VERY clear, and we couldn’t be happier with the end result! Recover makes 100% recycled apparel and does so with a pretty much closed loop product life cycle. They are headquartered in North Carolina, and have a very tight knit (get it? kinda like a thread joke) manufacturing process sourcing everything from within just 150 miles for their North Carolina line! More on what makes them special later but if you want to learn more about their company from the founder himself, Bill Johnston, then be sure to give our podcast a listen! He has a pretty cool story, and an even better southern accent!

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About the Brand

It may sound boring, but what makes Recover so special is their supply chain. I know, I know, you didn’t come here to get a business lecture, but SUPPLY CHAIN IS EVERYTHING when it comes to having a sustainably produced product! Starting with their materials, Recover uses upcycled cotton from industry scraps and post-consumer recycled polyester. Now Recover has a “Made in the Carolinas” line that covers the whole process from recycled bottle to t-shirt all in a 150 mile radius, reducing their carbon footprint and supporting local jobs. They also have cut and sew factories in Haiti and Guatemala that provide fair wages, sustainable jobs, and support local programs in the respective areas. They’re doing a lot of good for a lot of people through this because of the organizations they work with in those countries! Not all international business is shady you know!

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The Do Good Stuff

It was clear in my talk with Bill in the podcast that his passion isn’t textiles and t-shirts, but instead it’s doing good for the environment and helping people. Recover is at its core, a vehicle that enables Bill to make a difference in the world, while providing a great product. Their Closed Loop Initiative deals with the end of life issue that every product has! Recover will buy back your old Recover t’s for $5, disassemble it and make it into brand new shit! Pretty sweet and easy. They also have a Clean Water Initiative in partnership with the World Vision’s Honduras branch to provide one day of clean water for one person for each product sold (yeah I know they’re getting cooler with each sentence). And on top of all of that, they sell a Protect Our Parks line of tees and such that donates to the National Park Foundation. They have also expanded this initiative through their I Heart Pisgah tee to join with other local businesses in helping preserve the Pisgah national forest.

Featured Products

Protect Your Wild T - $24.00

Men’s - Women’s

Had to drop a shameless plug here because Recover did produce our shirts! These bad boys are soft as hell, breathable and durable! I’ve worn mine every week for a year and it hasn’t faded or deteriorated in the slightest!

  • 50% recycled cotton & 50% recycled polyester blend

  • 35% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions

  • 66% reduction in energy consumption

  • 55% reduction in water consumption

  • 8 plastic bottles = 1 shirt!

PYW Mens Green.PNG

Sport Polo - $40

Said to be one of the favorite products of the founder himself, Bill Johnston, the sport polo will fight right in in your office, or on a night out BUT is comfortable and breathable enough to be worn on the trails after work!

  • 100% Recycled Materials

  • Contains 8 recycled plastic bottles

  • Reduced carbon footprint from manufacturing

  • Relaxed collar and fit

REcover sport polo bundle.png

Protect OUr parks pullover hoodie - $45

Just as we mentioned above, the Protect Our Parks line contributes to the National Parks Foundation with each purchase! Admittedly though, I feel bad for Alaska and Hawaii getting left out you know…

  • 100% Recycled material

  • 50% Post consumer PET, 50% Cotton

  • “Butter-soft” feel

  • Unisex sizing

Protect Our Parks Hoodie.png

Final Thoughts

I love what Bill has built over there in North Carolina for the past 9 years in Recover. Admittedly, I don’t think of the south when I think of environmentalism and sustainable brands. I usually think of like Washington, Oregon, California or Colorado BUT they go just as hard for mother earth in NC as they do anywhere! Check them out and if you own a company, are a part of a fraternity or student organization get your swag made through Recover Brands before even glancing at the other cheap garbage out there!


Episode 97 of the Protect Your Wild Podcast with founder Bill Johnston

Do Good Initiatives:

Highlighted Products

Protect Your Wild t-shirt, Sport Polo, Protect Our Parks Pullover


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