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Each year over 1.6 billion tires are produced and over 1 billion tires are thrown. The good news is about 80% of these tires are reused or recycled in some way in America at least... They can be ground up and used for running tracks, substrate at a playground OR THE RUBBER SOLE OF YOUR FLIP FLOPS! Indosole’s a rad company based in California with some high quality YET actually affordable footwear made out of some awesome materials! More on that later, but if you want to learn more about the story behind one of their founders and president Kyle Parsons, checkout Colin’s conversation with him on Episode 91 of the Protect Your Wild Podcast

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The Brand

We’ve heard a number of companies now who’s founders were inspired by the contrast of trash strewn (yes strewn!) around beautiful places such as Costa Rica or Bali and Indosole is one of them. They hire locals in Bali to collect and process tires into the rubber sole of their shoes! They’re also a B-corp meaning they meet the highest social and environmental business standards. Now the most impressive feet (get it? Yeah we’re good) that Indosole has achieved is keeping their prices down! So often, people shy away from sustainable products and brands because their prices are just hard to justify. Now you can get some ECO-nomical footwear that’s helping make a dent in our tire problem. 


The Products

ESSNTLS Flip Flops - $35 - $40

Men’s - Women’s

Just your classic flip flops (thongs, jandals, slops or whatever you call them where you’re from) for warm weather and chillin on the beach. Known as the most ECOnomical flip flop in the world!

  • 100% repurposed tire outsoles (soles with soul)

  • Contoured natural rubber footbed/midsole

  • Waterproof vegan uppers


PRAHU - $60


Indosole’s take on a classic boat shoe. In fact, prahu MEANS boat in Indonesian. Easy to dress up or dress down with. 

  • 100% repurposed tire outsoles (soles with soul)

  • Custom dyed canvas uppers w/ embroidered woven logo

  • EVA foam insole w/ arch support and heel padding for comfort

  • Responsibly crafted - no animals or fuel powered machinery involved


PANTAI - $55

Men’s - Women’s

This is a comfortable, casual and lightweight slip on making it perfect for travel!

  • 100% repurposed tire outsoles (soles with soul)

  • Custom dyed canvas uppers

  • EVA foam insole w/ arch support and striped denim footbed

  • Responsibly crafted no animals or fuel powered community



Indosole produces sustainable footwear in Bali Indonesia using discarded tires for the rubber outsole of their shoe. 

Top Products: ESSENTLS Flip Flops, Prahu Boat Shoe, Pantai Slip Ons

I’ve been wearing the same pair of flip flops for years now, but as they near the end of their life, I can tell you I’ll be trying out a pair of Indosole’s myself! They’re a good company with some rad people who have a close relationship with their manufacturers and are on their way up! Show them some love and support but if you don’t need some shoes now, go ahead and share this with your friends!

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