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How the hell can an app reduce food waste? Well that’s exactly what goMkt sets out to do! It’s a genius business model that benefits food retailers and savvy shoppers. There’s a lot of weighty issues like food waste happening all at once but thanks to well thought out solutions, we have a fighting chance! If you’re curious what might inspire someone to create this and want to peak behind the curtain a bit at their founder, Matt Holtzman, checkout Colin’s chat with him on the Protect Your Wild Podcast! 

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What is GoMkt?

GoMkt is a sustainably driven tech startup that is finding market based solutions to the food waste issue we have here in the US. For some context (and frightening facts you can drop on your friends to sound smart) the US is in a full blown FOOD WASTE CRISIS! As much as 40% of ALLLLLL food goes to waste… Over 20% of all waste in the landfills is food (which gives off methane that’s 30X more harmful to the atmosphere than co2). There’s a problem on both the supply chain side AND the consumer side! If we can reduce food waste by just 30% we could feed the entire food insecure population in the US! Thus, goMkt was born!

Prettttyyy depressing ain’t it? But there’s always hope!

Prettttyyy depressing ain’t it? But there’s always hope!

How Does it Work? 

It’s simple. Businesses that sell food post any extra food that they have to the goMkt app instead of throwing it away. People who want that food can now can browse on their phones to see what’s available in their area then snag it at a HUGE discount (up to 75% off) before it goes to waste! 

At the time of writing this, goMkt is operating exclusively in NYC but we hope to see it in more cities and towns nationwide if they get the opportunity to scale. If you’re in another city or work with a place that sells food (coffee shops, grocery stores, restaurants) and want to see this in your town, LET THEM KNOW! 

Matt is also working on more tools for the business side of things to make it easier for companies up the supply chain (farms and such) to donate the food that doesn’t make it to the shelves or to find a buyer for it. This could mean much healthier feed for livestock and (yet again) much less food waste. 

The Impact

This is an app I woulda KILLED for as a college student! Nothing feels better than getting great deals! If they’re able to scale, this is a fundamental supply and demand solution to a food waste crisis that has been plaguing the US. Food retailers are notorious for buying more food than can be purchased at full price. You discount that food and vwala! The demand goes up! It’s so simple… and there’s so many people in cities that could benefit from this especially as housing costs continue to soar in LA, San Francisco and New York. On top of that, businesses are leaving MONEY ON THE TABLE with any food they throw away. To be clear, this isn’t old food or stale food. This is EXTRA food. 

When we buy too much at a restaurant, we get a to-go box and eat that shit later because we aren’t terrible people. Now when a RESTAURANT buys too much and they can’t sell it all, they have a marketplace that they can discount it and send it home some happy customers.


What’s the problem? - We have a food waste crisis in America all up and down the supply chain

  • Up to 40% of all food is wasted

  • 30% of landfills are rotting food

  • We can solve all food insecurity in America if we reduce food waste by 30%

What is it? - An app that lets businesses that sell food, post extra food to the app at a discount and let’s YOU the consumer see what foods available in the area and save money.

How can you support them? 

- Download the GoMkt app

- Use it if you’re in NYC

- Contact GoMkt if you’d like to see this in your town! 

Check them out at https://www.gomkt.com/

OR on Instagram @gomkt

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