Girl Look At That Body: Sustainable Body Care Tips

Look, I know Old Spice has pretty cool commercials. I’ll be the first to admit that I bought into the weird immediately and snagged my first bottle of body wash right after the campaign began. But just like you will, I’ve come to terms with my poor choices and realized there’s more important things than Terry Crews yelling weird shit through my TV when choosing what I should rub all over my body practically every day… SO here’s some things you REALLY want to look out for when you run out of your shampoo.

1. Ingredients

Shoot for vegan stuff. It’s pretty simple, we don’t need to bathe in animal guts… well maybe not animal guts, but you know what I mean. Also, there’s lots of toxic stuff in your typical shampoos and soaps. Different dyes and artificial fragrances suck so keep it natural. There’s a buncha long and hard to pronounce names of specific ingredients that you can find elsewhere but to save you a buncha time just keep it all natural. If you want to know more about the good stuff check this link - it’s pretty comprehensive.

Shampoo bar.jpg

2. Packaging

Bars of stuff are better than bottles of stuff. They actually make shampoo bars! Did you know that?! I didn’t know that shit until we started doing research for ALDA. I’m serious, it’s real. Here’s a picture:

So think minimal packaging next time. I don’t care that you recycle the plastic bottle, it still takes oil and a buncha gross stuff to make so no excuses, go with bars or go home!

3. Testing

If it’s not obvious, don’t buy products that have been tested on animals! It’s 2018 people! THAT SHIT IS BARBARIC! Look for the rabbit logo to be sure it’s a cruelty free product. Fun fact, not all rabbit logo’s were created equal. So this will help you out:


Also you can download this app called Cruelty-Free (AndroidApple) that can help inform your decisions on the fly!

Brands to check out


Dr. Bronners


Green Goo

So once you finish what you’re workin with now, take this stuff into consideration and take another step in Protecting Your Wild!

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By Colin Campbell and Avinash Bhikha, ALDA's Founders

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