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Back in 2017 I graduated and moved out to Boulder Colorado to launch ALDA, an online marketplace for eco-friendly products to make it easy for consumers to shop sustainably. Good idea right? Well a couple months after moving here, I find out there’s this company, EarthHero, who’s headquarters is literally 5 minutes down the road from the house I’m renting and running ALDA out of. I remember looking at their website for the first time and thinking “Shit… they’ve done everything I wanted to do, gotten the brands I wanted to sell AND MORE” and I was almost as excited as I was frustrated. On the one hand, it’s PROOF someone else saw the same problem as me, BUT on the other hand, a direct competitor had launched within the same couple months and was doing it better… As time went on, we pivoted towards developing content with the same mission in mind (which I enjoyed more than retail), and I connected with Ryan, the founder of Earth Hero, an online marketplace that makes it EASY for you to shop the best, sustainable brands! Checkout my conversation with him on our podcast below.

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About the Brand

Alright, I was gettin a little too cute earlier so I’ll get to the point here. EarthHero curates the best sustainable products and brands making it easy for you to shop sustainably. I feel guilty these days when I buy just about anything, but EarthHero lets you know with just about every product and brand WHY they support them. They have products in just about every category and carry most all of the brands we’ve talked to for the podcast! I highly recommend you checkout there site, and next time you need something, take a look on EarthHero FIRST before you hit up Amazon. Remember, shopping isn’t just about the quality of the product and how much it costs, it’s also about the impact your purchase makes on the world.

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Company Highlights

Sustainability Logos

EarthHero has made like idk 50+ logos that recognize a brand or product for the materials used, manufacturing processes, or community impact that it will have. So when shopping, you go to a products page to learn more about it and you’ll see these icons all in a row so you get more insight into that product. Hover over each icon to see what it means and eventually the more you see them you get familiar with the meanings. So at a glance, you can see why this products is dope for the planet!

ICON CATEGORIES: Recycled Content, Upcycled Content, Organic Content, Renewable Resource, Low Impact, Responsible

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Seals of Approval

When you support EarthHero, you’re also supporting a few organizations that show how they (and other good brands like them) give back or impact the earth. The more popularity these things get, the more companies will improve their practices to become a member.

1% FOR THE PLANET - 1% of Earth Hero’s revenue gets donated to a nonprofit so even if they don’t make profit, they still must donate 1% to a cause. Many brands on Earth Hero are also members so you kind of double up the good (Earth Hero buys from them = 1% + you buy from Earth Hero = 1%)

CERTIFIED B-CORP - EarthHero scores an 83.7 out of 200 on their Impact Report. Learn more by clicking on the link but we’ve talked about b-corps at length.

CARBON FREE - EarthHero pays to offset the carbon footprint of their shipping and operations. This is done through different types of projects such as planting trees, capturing methane from landfills or other means.

CLIMATE COLLABORATION - They work together with a collection of companies in the natural products industry to fight climate change.

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Final Thoughts

EarthHero is the company and vision I wish I could have built. Not to worry, it’s in safe hands with Ryan at the helm and his passionate team backing him. I personally support them and am excited to see them grow. By shopping through EarthHero you support both the brands you buy AND the guys and gals doing all the work to bring them together in one place.

So you tell me… are YOU an EarthHero?


EarthHero - They bring together the best eco-friendly brands in a wide range of product categories to one convenient, online marketplace.

Sustainability Logos - They designed icons to show you what makes each product sustainable from the materials used to cruelty free certifications.

Seals of Approval - EarthHero is a B-corp, they donate to 1% of their revenue to nonprofits through 1% For the Planet and they are help fighting climate change by being carbon neutral through The Carbon Fund!


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