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Coalatree is a favorite brand of ours SPECIFICALLY for their product design/innovation. They tick all of the boxes so to speak, and have a very fascinating founding story that you can hear from the founder himself, Charlie Bessey, on the Protect Your Wild Podcast. It was one of my favorite conversations to date but this article will focus on the present. Where is Coalatree today? What are their products, practices and values like? Should you give Coalatree and their products big hugs with your wallets? If you want a discount for your FIRST purchase to Coalatree, subscribe to our email list to get exclusive discounts to awesome sustainable brands!

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Coalatree specializes in multi-functional and eco-friendly apparel/goods. They have some of the most innovative products I have come across and you’ll see just what I mean when I dive in to their Trailhead pant (which I have used excessively) later on. Many of their products were launched with highly successful kickstarter style campaigns including their most recent one, the Evolution Hoodie which at the time of writing this has raised just over $500k in preorders (daayyyummmm). 


Environmental responsibility is one of Coalatree’s main focuses. Many of their products are made from recycled materials which a huge plus. They’re also produced in Blue Sign approved factories (basically the highest ethical and environmental standards).



Product innovation is always hard to balance with green materials and production but they’ve still managed to accomplish it. Their Trailhead pant is stretchy and waterproof (granted I can guarantee that requires not so eco-friendly materials). Their Kachula Blanket is also waterproof, packs into itself to be used as a pillow and has an attachable hood to double (triple?) as a poncho. Those two products are what I have personally used but Coalatree’s clever designs are not to be ignored.


Charlie’s got em on the right path! They have strong core values and, based off of their newest hoodie, are investing more in using green materials. I’ll be keeping an eye on them as they develop without a doubt and you should too! Also, Charlie’s got a pretty cool story, you really should get to know him from the podcast. Just sayin…


Evolution Hoodie - $62

Charlie “Cool Hair” Bessey, Founder of Coalatree

Charlie “Cool Hair” Bessey, Founder of Coalatree

Evolution Hoodie.jpg

To be frank, I haven’t used this product myself yet but it seems to me to be one of their best yet!. 


This is made of a coffee/recycled plastic bottle blend. What the hell does that mean? Used coffee grounds are collected and dried and separated from their natural oils and ground up even finer. This is then mixed with the melted down plastic bottles and spun into the thread for hoodie construction. 


It’s basically an awesome hoodie disguised as a regular hoodie. So there’s a hidden zipper above the kangaroo style pocket that  helps secure your valuables. There’s also natural odor absorbing property to it. I wonder how they test that kinda shit but I’ll take their word for it. It’s got a headphone port, thumbholes on the sleeve, and a loop to carabiner on your keys and shit. Not too shabby. 

Trailhead Pant - $89



bluesign® 88% nylon, 12% spandex with DWR finish, made from recycled materials. What I was wondering is which materials are recycled… Most would say “recycled nylon” or something rather it was sort of vague.


I never would have thought how useful it is to have waterproof stretchy pants… I’ve used them climbing, snowboarding, and hiking and they’ve held up well! The bottom cuff and waists have drawstrings also which is cool. 

Kachula Blanket - $79



Soft brushed nylon flannel, bottom: durable ripstop nylon, both made from 100% recycled materials (whoop whoop)


They call it the swiss army knife of blankets for a reason. Equal parts blanket, poncho and weighs about a pound and a half. So it packs into itself, and will keep you dry in a pinch! 


For you slackasses that don’t wanna read this article I slaved over by candle light here’s what sums it up. 

Coalatree’s got eco-friendly and innovative products that I fully support! You gotta check them out. 

Favorite Products: Evolution Hoodie, Trailhead Pant, Kachula Blanket

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