ChicoBag Review

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We’re back with a review of another popular brand in the zero-waste category this time! Be sure to check out our interview with their founder, Andy Keller to connect with the man behind the brand. We had an engaging conversation covering his story and an interesting nugget about their lawsuit from plastic bag companies (you know you’re legit when the big boys feel threatened) and tons of other good stuff so check it out. Also, we swung you yet ANOTHER discount on one of our favorite brands.

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We don’t get any kickbacks from this! We just want to encourage you to support such an awesome brand!

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From top to bottom, Chicobag is one of the most sustainable companies I’ve evaluated. These doods pay attention to every detail from the products to their practices in the office and their partnerships with nonprofits. BUT put simply, they make sustainable, reusable stuff (primarily bags and shit but they also sell To-Go-Ware bamboo utensils) and have many options sold directly to the people and they also support custom branding of their products for you business owners out there. Keep an eye  out for an ALDA branded bag down the road! It will happen one of these days.


Chicobag is also a B-Corp (if you don’t know, a B Corp is basically business status in the US that sets apart and acknowledges companies doing the most good in the world) and was voted Best for the World Environmental Impact 5 Years in a row AND Best Overall in 2018! Pretty bad-ass. You can checkout their impact report here if you’d like to get into the gritty details they’re in the top 10% of all (that’s right bi*ch, ALL) certified B Corporations on the B Impact Assessment. So far they’ve helped prevent an estimated 779,000,000 plastic bags from our environment (oh hells yeah). You’re welcome turtles who keep mistaking those bags for jellyfish!

On top of all this green goodness, they also have some great partnerships with nonprofits including the Surf Rider Foundation, 5 Gyres, Plastic Pollution Coalition and Bioneers. Chicobag helps support these organizations through “providing product donations, financial resources and educational materials to help them achieve their mission”. I encourage you to check out these orgs also and if they tickle your fancy, throw a fiver their way (or more $$$ if you got it broh).


  1. The Vita rePETe tote bag - $14.99

    • Made from 99% recycled materials (hence the rePETe name) which is a material that makes Chicobag special

    • Collapsible, durable and holds approximately a shit-load of groceries or even more bags if that’s what you’re buying (see happy asparagus lady below for size, she is a full size human)

    • Stylish enough for you men to get noticed for being sensitive and caring about the environment

    • The #1 reusable bag in the game in my opinion (which is the correct opinion)

Vita Repete Clarity 2.jpg
Vita Repete Lifestyle.jpg
vita bag.jpg

2. Snack Time repete - $15.99

  • Made from 100% post consumer recycled plastic bottles

  • Made to be food safe and machine washable (aka not to be thrown away)

  • Yes this exists, it comes in handy for hikes, lunch at work or whatever else you find your self doing when you’re in need of snack

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repete snack bag.jpg


BY GOLLY THEY’VE DONE IT! Chicobag meets ALL my criteria for a holistically sustainable and dope ass company. Their product materials and manufacturing are top notch, the products themselves are helping tackle the world’s plastic bag addition AND they support nonprofits who are doing even more good! If you need some new totes, go to Chicobag NOW and take that step to end your own use of plastic bags while supporting the realest. The only room for improvement I see is just them offering more products down the line (which I will be looking forward to).

Check them out on Instagram @chicobag and at

Be sure to listen to our episode with their founder Andy coming soon to the Protect Your Wild Podcast