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Eco-Friendly Body Care Guide FOR MEN

Men are interesting shoppers. We’ll buy the exact same type of shampoo, toothpaste or whatever for like a decade once we find something that works. Keep it simple.  I’m low maintenance and like it effective but then you learn a thing or two about sustainability and bodycare (plastic packaging, shitty ingredients and dimwitted brands) you realize it’s time to update your go to products.

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Broke College Student Guide to Being Ecofriendly

Green living can seem pretty unachievable when you’re making minimum wage at your part-time job. It seems even more unachievable when your weekly schedule is as full as a fat kid on Thanksgiving. Or a vegan in a garden. Or...anyway, you get the picture.

BUT! Don’t accept defeat just yet. You can still protect the environment when you’re short on both time AND money.

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5 Brands Reusing Plastic in Awesome Ways

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, then you’ve heard about the backlash against plastic pollution in 2018. We’re all about advocating for living in nature, but maybe draw a line when your living quarters keep you from knowing about the planet going to shit.

We’ve all kinda heard about how to decrease our plastic consumption: take advantage of reusable bagsbottles, straws, and other utensils. There’s one HUGE problem though…

What the hell do we do with all the plastic already out there?

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