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goMkt Review

How the hell can an app reduce food waste? Well that’s exactly what goMkt sets out to do! It’s a genius business model benefits food retailers and savvy shoppers. There’s a lot of weighty issues like food waste happening all at once but thanks to well thought out solutions, we have a fighting chance!

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Eco-Electronics 101: The Top 3 Sustainable Gadgets

It’s not uncommon to hear people bitching about the woes of the 21st century. Short attention spans this, lazy millennials that, and before ya know it someone brings up the most beloved topic of our Yes, that dreaded stuff that gets blamed for everyone’s ratchet behavior but maintains its status as one of the most purchased-from categories out there.

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Top 3 Video Games About Sustainability

When you think of video games, you probably don’t think of sustainability. You likely think about retro Nintendo classics like Mario and Zelda, or maybe you’re the type who likes to play MMOs such as World of Warcraft and Elder Scrolls Online. But maybe what you didn’t realize is that many survival-based simulation games have sustainability-focused gameplay, whether it’s finding a sustainable source of food for yourself or a green source of energy for your settlements.

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Top 5 Sustainable Youtube Channels

I think we can all agree that YouTube is best utilized for funny cat videos and stupidly funny shorts a la the vine era, but I’ll admit it’s got its more functional side as well (and I’m not talking about the how to videos that range from kissing to cutting an onion without crying).

Sustainability is an often ignored corner of the YouTube world, which is no surprise since we all know sustainable living isn’t the most popular lifestyle option (yet). That being said, there are some dark horses with YouTube channels that focus on sustainability.

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What's with the Green Premium?

It’s safe to say that it’s pretty normal for people to think that sustainable goods are more expensive than their unsustainable counterparts. Unsurprisingly, this is apparently one of the main reasons many people say they aren’t willing to “go green”.

But is eco-friendly stuff really more expensive? Maybe not everything, or some things require some pretty spendy upfront costs but save you moola down the road (e.g. using renewable energy), BUT...if we compared your typical green product to a conventional product, the likelihood of the former being at least a bit more expensive is pretty high.

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