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Eco-Friendly Body Care Guide FOR MEN

Men are interesting shoppers. We’ll buy the exact same type of shampoo, toothpaste or whatever for like a decade once we find something that works. Keep it simple.  I’m low maintenance and like it effective but then you learn a thing or two about sustainability and bodycare (plastic packaging, shitty ingredients and dimwitted brands) you realize it’s time to update your go to products.

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Girl Look At That Body: Sustainable Body Care Tips

Look, I know Old Spice has pretty cool commercials. I’ll be the first to admit that I bought into the weird immediately and snagged my first bottle of body wash right after the campaign began. But just like you will, I’ve come to terms with my poor choices and realized there’s more important things than Terry Crews yelling weird shit through my TV when choosing what I should rub all over my body practically every day…

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10 Overlooked Everyday Items with Sustainable Alternatives

Hello and happy Earth Month (and upcoming Earth Day)! We’re Proof Eyewear, a sustainable eyewear company hailing from Boise, Idaho - you may know us as a brand that ALDA hosts on their site. We were stoked when ALDA asked us to write a guest post for them so in the spirit of Earth Month we wanted to explore unsuspecting, everyday items that are often overlooked on their environmental impact.

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5 Eco-Labels to Help You Be a Conscious Consumer

Ever wanted to know just how to distinguish sustainable products from their unsustainable counterparts? Eco-labels play a big part in that. You may have already heard of such labels as USDA organic and/or Fair Trade, but there's loads more that can help you determine which products have sustainable features, and which don't.

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What's with the Green Premium?

It’s safe to say that it’s pretty normal for people to think that sustainable goods are more expensive than their unsustainable counterparts. Unsurprisingly, this is apparently one of the main reasons many people say they aren’t willing to “go green”.

But is eco-friendly stuff really more expensive? Maybe not everything, or some things require some pretty spendy upfront costs but save you moola down the road (e.g. using renewable energy), BUT...if we compared your typical green product to a conventional product, the likelihood of the former being at least a bit more expensive is pretty high.

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