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Top to bottom, Bureo is across the board one of the best company’s in the world when it comes to the positive impact they’re making. Top to bottom they’re nothin but good! Man I had a blast talking to one of their co-founders Ben Kneppers (I think he was in Chile or Brazil at the time) on this episode of the Protect Your Wild Podcast. Give it a listen, you won’t regret it!

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About the Brand

What makes Bureo so good you might ask? Well, they keep nets from getting into the ocean in the first place by providing collection boxes in South America. Fishing nets are BY FAR the most harmful trash in the ocean so let’s keep them from getting there in the first place yah? Then, they provide jobs in these fishing towns to people collecting the nets and washing them by buying the processed material from them! This provides a little economic stimulation ;) in those towns. Then they recycle the plastic in new new material that can be turned into just about anything. I’m tellin you… it’s not too good to be true. Here’s some awesome products and brands they’ve collabed with so far. They’re supported by Patagonia’s Tin Shed venture capital fund which requires them to undergo an intense environmental impact evaluation that Ben talks a bit about in our podcast.

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Featured Product collabs

Pescador - $219.00

These bad boys are a collab with Costa sunglasses! Comes with a protective case by ReFleece made from recycled and up cycled garments!

  • Green polarized lenses provide glare and UV protection

  • 100% recycled and recyclable frames

  • Costa 580 color enhancing lends filters out harsh yellow light for heightened contrast


Ahi performance cruiser skateboard - $195.00

To kick off Bureo, they started with a skateboard Kickstarter campaign! It was very successful and highlights the quality and durability of their recycled plastic material! This was made in collaboration with Carver skateboards.

  • 27 inch long and 9 inch wide deck

  • Cx mini 5 inch trucks allowing you to pump the board like surf board


Bureo x futures surf fin - $70.00

A great collab with a cause! With the fin4fin campaign, part of the proceeds from this purchase will be donated to help anti shark finning efforts.

  • Infused with Futures 6 Carbon and air infusion technology

  • Drag reducing advanced foil technology

  • Futures F6 - Medium Thrusters - Alpha Series Fins


Final Thoughts

PLEASE support Bureo! They’re expanding through South America widening their area of impact but a demand for their recycled plastic will help their success and also help lower their costs via economies of scale (the bigger a company gets, the cheaper they can produce their products). I’ll for sure be keeping an eye on these guys and be cheering them on from here in Colorado!


What’s Bureo? - They recycle fishing nets in South America and partner with brands to produce new products.

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